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What is your most valuable possession? If you have an estate plan, you’re probably thinking of your most valuable TANGIBLE…
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What is a Story Album?

“I don’t know where to start,” my Grandma said. She came into the dining room with a cigar box of…
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Capturing the Ordinary

I always tell new parents “Make sure you take pictures of your baby crying.” The ordinary events of our daily…
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What is a Legacy Letter?

LIMITED OFFER: Now through the end of June, purchase a Founder’s Legacy package in support of Life Story Academy…
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Through Their Lens

Whenever I visit a museum, I am captivated by artifacts. A jacket that was on the battlefield, a doctor’s bag that saw…
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Story Preserves

I come from a “canning” family, of which I am the only non-canner. In my defense, where’s the motivation to…
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